The music style

FUNK, but which one ?


The BOOGIE FUNK appeared around the end of the seventies in the USA, right after the DISCO time. In the early eighties, it was simply called FUNK, SOUL FUNK or ELECTRO FUNK in France. This music style is filled with SOUL, JAZZ, BLUES, Latin and african rythms and classical music as well.

The use of acoustic and electronic instruments (Synthesizers) make its sound, general esthetic unique. Definitely dynamic and made for the dancefloor.

A legacy to transmit

AMEEGA with its 35 years old repertoire is contemporary of bands like Cameo, Con Funk Shun, George Duke, Change, Zapp, The Time and others SOS Band.
Ameega had to wait until 2005 to release a first Album in France. Why ? The facts are what they were. In the Eighties, France was a country in search of its cultural identity that banked on French ROCK, POP and "Chanson" (song) and forbid any FUNK productions, and then boycotted any Funk artists. But all this has never kept Amiga from performing through the years and that is why the band is now often introduced as "The Last Mohicans" or "The Funk Samourais".

When the music talks and the words sing, the soul starts to dance and the body gets in a trance

In a ROCK world

Amiga tells the story: "In 1985 when I was being asked what kind of music my band was about, I used to say : FUNK! Apart from a few concert promoters who didn't know what I was talking about, and kept answering : "What you say? … Punk?", things were crystal clear. When I meant Funk, it wasn't only through my very own music, but also through covers of classics like Atlantic Starr, Midnight Star, Herbie Hancock... Today, things have changed a little bit. First, Ameega is not longer in need of covers since its song book is huge, and secondly, people are now asking another question which is : " What kind of Funk ?". It seems hope is alive !".

A concept

AMEEGA's albums are a testimony to FUNK or BOOGIE evolution between 1979 and 1993, and as you very well know, that decade was filled with technological beakthrough. Acoustic Funk to electronic and then 100% digital Funk. Most of all it is in support of a sample-free music, but a self played (or programmed) and home made music filled with trademark arrangements.
The most accurate word today to describe the feeling of the album would be : VINTAGE !

A sound

When most of the programming on the songs dates back to 1985 (Midi), the biggest part of the work was finding the right sounds, considering the years when those songs were written. That was made possible through the use of computers and music programs.
Suckers for the sound of Moog, Prophet, Lynn Drumm, and Roland will get what they crave for!!!


The lyrics are in English and the themes are about friendship, love, everyday life, the 80's, a magical moment… and not just 'get down and get up' simply because it's danceable.