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Evolution of the AMEEGA concept


Even though AMEEGA was formed back in 2002, it revisits and uses all the body of work produced since 1980 of it’s leader-author-composer-arranger Zo RAMAROMISA, sometimes under different names. Most of AMEEGA’s musical directory belongs to him.

Towards the end of 1979: Zo integrates FUNK into his first compositions in Madagascar.

Thanks to the crazy exhuberant feeling of this USA imported music, the new sounds, with a powerful stance unknown of until then : the FUNK ! In the US this kind of FUNK is called BOOGIE.
Among his first songs are « Give Me A Pinch », and « The Happiest ».

1993: Zo's FUNK songs will be played under the name AMEEGA.

Z.IMPEDANCE is Zo’s own FUNK label created in Grenoble and at the same time Zo choses AMIGA LOBA as his producer’s name. Ze SMILE’s showcase album is released on audio cassette with the track « Undelible ». This album shows two sides of the band’s music, FUNK & TERNO (a mixture of FUNK and madagascan traditional music entirely created by Zo’s vision). Sold in the Rhone-Alpes region and in Madagascar, it received rave reviews from magazines such as : Keyboards, Ecoutez voir, Midi Madagascar, etc... with “authenticity” and “creativity” being among the qualities put out forward. That was the beginning of a series of numerous concerts. Zo became Amiga at the same time.
In 1998 Amiga decides to retire from stage activities for a while to get a second breath while still composing for his two bands. He enters the world of multimedia and aeronautic. Z. IMPEDANCE stops all activities BUT a lesson has been learned : now each of Amiga’s styles will bear it’s own musical identity, that is to say Ze SMILE for TERNO music, and AMEEGA for FUNK!

2002: AMEEGA, comeback via Internet.

Thanks to Internet, Amiga gets in touch with FUNKYSIZE.COM website, which brings together the biggest number of FUNK fans in France. To his disbelief he receives a lot of support from the members as well as their wish to see an album come out… well enough to rev up the machine again!

2005: « The Golden Ages » album.

Amiga Loba produces « The Golden Ages ». 1st album released on CD (in limited pressing), distributed by french BOOGIE-TIMES label, a record company specialized in FUNK reissues in USA, Japan, Germany and Brazil. As the title indicates, Amiga talks about FUNK’s golden age. The 11 tracks were composed between 1980 and 1987. The album is sold-out within a month from it’s release date! The aura of the band takes off instantly especially among Japanese and Californian FUNK aficionados.

2007: FIRST virtual album : « La Magie Est De Retour ».

Amiga settles in Dijon and produces the FIRST virtual FUNK album with FUNKYSIZE.COM (which has started the independent FUNKYSIZE Records label). Entitled “La Magie Est De Retour”, the concept was to put together an album using the talents of the website’s musicians via MP3’s exchanges. A very interesting venture, since 90% of all the participants (13 tracks) never actually met physically!

Amiga decides to stop its stage absence. He calls his former Keyboard player Zazz (Ze SMILE) and jumps into the occasion to open for the legendary D.TRAIN in Lyon France, for a event called "LA GRANDE NUIT DE LA FUNK".

2008: «Funkysize Now Babe », puts AMEEGA on an international level.

Following an urgent need for a VINYL edition on the part of the DJ fans (refering to « The Golden Ages » vinyl), Amiga Loba produces a 4 track 12” single together with FUNKYSIZE Records, still distributed by BOOGIE TIMES in the USA. The band’s image expands through the work of local DJ’s and the many YouTube videos thanks to the fans ! « Funkysize Now Babe » is a hommage to the french FUNK website.

Ameega shoots the video of the song « Home Made Love » with the talk-box artist Man-Man. It is the first official video of Ameega. The scenery shows obviously we are back in the eighties. The editing is kicth and the movie effects are typical.

2009: AMEEGA brings his face to light on Youtube.

After the web shop DUSTY GROOVE AMERICA from Chicago has discribed AMEEGA as "a very mysterious guy" a footage by Christian Labbé for FUNKSYSIZE Records is made. This document entitled "Rencontre avec AMEEGA" (Let's meet AMEEGA) finally puts a face on the mysterious author-composer, shows its world, creativiy and timeless passion for music.

Album « Pure & Timeless Emotions » & Kooloy. PROJECT.

Amiga Loba produces Ameega’s second CD «Pure & Timeless Emotions », co-produced and co-distributed by FUNKYSIZE Records & BOOGIE-TIMES Records, in the US, in JAPAN & In Europe. Two tracks from this cd will join AMEEGA's classics: « This Time Love's 15 » et « Lite Up Ze Faira ».

With 2 Albums in circulation, Amiga Loba teams up with the KOOLOY. PROJECT, in order to build up new foundations for the live band.

AMEEGA shoots its second official video of the song « Lite Up Ze Faira » with Lahina, Mc Gyver, Toandry-le-gasy and the dance company DENSITE.

The AMEEGA live band is born.

LAHINA (backup singer) , MC GYVER (Guitar), and RAMAN (Synth-bass) integrate the band. The brand-new live band works on the song list, and the first show occurs in Paris thanks to Christian Labbé and Kooloy. PROJECT.

2012: First California tour combined with the release of the « Fly me to Sierra Alpha” EP.

Unexpectedly, DJ DEBO, a Californian concert promoter made a trip to France to offer AMEEGA (the 4 piece band) 4 dates in Los Angeles and celebrate the 3 years of the existence of the FUNK FREAKS crew. It seemed that through the albums, the band had become a local ‘standard’, almost a legend. By some strange twist, most of the local fans seemed to think that AMEEGA had split since they believed it was an 80’s band. Right away Amiga composed ”Fly Me to Sierra Alpha” (Santa Ana) to prove them wrong, while the song talks about the “L.A boogie homies”. AMEEGA was introduced to the Californian fans as the ”THE LAST MOHICAN” of this kind of FUNK with, as opening acts, highly regarded FUNK, P.FUNK, G.FUNK, such as SLAPBAK, XL MIDDLETON and CARMEN.
Highly motivated by the US audience response, AMEEGA was still almost unknown in France and decided to display it’s music to greater numbers.

2014: The European Radios and web-radios campaign. EP named « Lady You're Dynamite ».

ZOÄR joins the band as Keyboard player.
Amiga moves and settles in Montpellier.
The group’s structure Kooloy. Project together with it’s closest volontary members, starts the radio promotion campaign as they released the « Lady You're Dynamite » EP. This starts a series of interviews and live performances and AMEEGA is on the playlist of over 50 radio stations in France, Belgium, German, Spanish, Dutch even reaching New-York, even on mainstream radio broadcasts. This campain is achieved when the french well-known presenter JACKY offers the band to perform in its Tv show named JJDA, on channel IDF1

2015: Second Californian tour and dozens of concerts in Montpellier

The compulsive touring now spreads all across France in Paris, Lyon & Montpellier. AMEEGA begins to perform in apartments for private parties and displays dynamic and festive mini-shows. Afterwards, the band blocks off and cracks the major local Montpellier's downtown bars. An event named "BAL FUNK" which gathers 3000 peoples, occurs right in the center of the town, and AMEEGA is the only FUNK BAND that fits to it ! And AMEEGA was upper to it ! Every show leaves a lasting impression on the audiences as it’s their first FUNK concert ever for many of them!

The Band is now known by Montpellier people as "the Funk band from Cali". Kooloy. PROJECT makes an event named "CALI BOOGIE FRIDAY" at "Le Dieze" and invites DJ DEBO representing FUNK FREAKS to share the stage with AMEEGA.

Comes August and its is AMEEGA's turn to be invited by FUNK FREAKS USA for their sixth year's celebration. Since the first AMEEGA's venue in 2012, the crew from Orange County has reinforced its status of major FUNK BOOGIE promoter. In few years, they could host some huge artists such as COOL MILLION, HOWARD JOHNSON. The 2015 events like the releases of DAM FUNK, MAYER HAWTHORNE and BRUNO MARS seem to show a kind of revival of FUNK BOOGIE. The all L.A. claims to be the eternal FUNK cradle, and it is in this context that AMEEGA meets his Los Angeles audience and tears the roof of the venue. This time they share the bill on three dates, at three places (Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside) with FUNK bands XL MIDDLETON (MoFUnk Records) and OZONE (Motown Records).

The audience, fans of the band since 2005 are singing along during the performances ! Amiga thanks them and says: "THIS SONG IS NO LONGER MINE ! IT'S YOURS NOW!"


two seasons of intenses scenes in France !

NOV 2018 : Soirée 100% Funk : La Fiesta, Condrieu

OCT 2018 : Funk freaks Party - O.D.B, Montpellier

JUN 2018 : festival mama sound - Teyran

AVR 2018 : Gazette Birthday Party with Fonk Legacy - Gazette Café, Montpellier

DEC 2017 : BLACK SHEEP - Montpellier

NOV 2017 : FUNK FREAKS HALLOWEEN - Dar Lamifa, Marseille

NOV 2017 : Boogie Funk Party - Rue Bourbon, Bordeaux

SEP 2017 : BLACK OUT - Montpellier

JUN 2017 : Private festival - Hérault

JUN 2016 : Festival Guinguette - Suzette


MAI 2016 : FUNK ADDICT with DOGG MASTER - BLACK OUT - Montpellier


In October, AMEEGA performs for the first time at the mythical Parisian spot LE NEW MORNING! this concert is transformed into a show with the addition of choreography created by the company Fonk Legacy.
This show took place on the occasion of the event "50 MORE YEARS OF FUNK" and Ameega represented the repertoire BOOGIE FUNK, in front of a cracking and conquered crowd!

2019 : AMEEGA at the californian fest OC FUNK FEST

AUGUST 3, 2019 is a red letter date for AMEEGA.

39 years after the first composition of Amiga, the group is invited by the promoter Curious Entertainment of California to share the stage with MIDNIGHT STAR, BRASS CONSTRUCTION YARBROUGH & PEOPLES, CHEMISE, BRICK, STONE CITY BAND, FATBACK, TOM BROWNE feat SLAPBAK, CARMEN, MARY JANE'S GIRLS.


This event called OC FUNK FEST is the most iconic in terms of Boogie Funk. The festival took place at the Anaheim Convention Center in front of an audience of more than 10,000 people.

AMEEGA was solicited at the request of the public who wanted "GIVE ME A PINCH" and "FUNKYSIZE NOW BABE".
"Classic, when you hold us, you take us for a ride!" said Amiga Loba.

The same night, AMEEGA performed with the groups CHEMISE and CARMEN at the Original Mike’s, Orange County, for the AFTER PARTY of the event.